Saturday, April 18, 2009

Farewell Sham, 'til we meet again!

I have said numerous goodbyes before and this one is probably one of the most painful. Some good things really never last and the dreaded time has come. Time flew so fast and I could not believe that anytime, you will be leaving the company. If only I could stop the clock from ticking and halt its hands from moving, I will. People indeed come and go and though it is a cliché, the only thing really that is constant is change. As time goes by, there are changes that we have to really face.

I am saying goodbye to the biggest influence that I ever had in my stint here EPLDT. You are my mentor and through you, I learned a lot about the ins and outs of this industry. Like a loving mom to her baby, you were there from the beginning from first big step until I was finally able to walk through my own and until this very last day that you are with the company, you are still the same loving mom who always thinks of the best for his child even until his adulthood. No one will ever compare to how you are as a boss.

The jitters that I felt starting work with this company were all easily eased because you were my boss. Everything about work was all made easy by your expert management and leadership skills. I never had the feeling of dragging myself to work everyday due to lameness or anything of that sort. Work has always been a pleasure because one realizes that there is always a boss who will help you take care of everything. Your advices and words of encouragement always make each day at work light and bearable. What was the best thing about you more than all that I have mentioned? You were the wackiest boss one could ever have. Who would not want anyone who from the moment she steps on the production floor to start another day creates fun and laughter, just more than enough to break the ice, the monotony, and the seriousness of business? Your knack for jokes and the perfect time for cracking them were the most unbeatable buffer to our anxieties and pressures both in pour personal and professional lives. That will forever be most unforgettable. Your larger-than-life personality, vivacious character, and gregarious nature will be missed most. No one has your charm and fun nature, both of which can turn a seemingly morbid room into a room full of life!

I would like to take this opportunity as you are leaving the company to thank you for everything that I have become because of you. Thank you for being the most supportive boss who guided me all throughout, shared me the best tips, and who made sure that I will always be able to breeze through the difficulties of work. Thank you so much for being one of the biggest instruments in my promotion to the post of a team leader. I treasure the managerial skills you have imparted and how it will forever help me in dealing with people, bringing out the best in them, and working as a team transcending all barriers. I owe it to you big time! And most important of all, thank you for being that wonderful friend always ready to share a shoulder to cry on and for that pat on the back whenever I felt like giving up. I learned the most wonderful philosophy in life about gratitude- that life is all about how you perceived it. You could either feel bad because the roses have thorns or feel good because the thorns have roses. Shamin, words will never be able to express how much thankful I am that I was able to make my life parallel to yours. Yes, you are leaving and the pain is unspeakable but the sadness will still linger on for the next days but I am glad that encountering you happened. For sure this goodbye is not forever because the friendship will still stay and wherever the road will lead us next, I am hoping for the best. As I bid goodbye to you dear Shamin, I offer you this prayer: “May the road rise up to meet you and may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold us all in the hollow of his hand.”