Sunday, January 25, 2009

Silid Aralan

I just want to share this message that I read from one of Sitti's blog and it is about a foundation that focuses on Education, as I also believe that Education is one of the key to our Nation's growth or success. I checked the multiply account of Silid Aralan and saw pictures of the kids and other stuff and how you can donate to help the kids. I believe that spreading the word will make a difference and ofcourse will nto cost a thing, so here's the message from the Founder of Silid Aralan, Mr. Arci Mallari:

GREAT NEWS TO OUR PARTNERS!!!By Arcie MallariPresident/Founder Silid Aralan, Inc.
How has your donations helped the Silid Aralan, Inc. (Learning Room) build a Community of Learners Project?

Those who donated their money and resources this school year 2008 - 2009 to Silid Aralan, Inc. (SAI) will be inspired to know of the great progress that has been made possible by their generosity!

From the time of its inception last April 12, 2007, in which SAI catered to 40 children from a poor community in the suburbs of Metro Manila, it is now facilitating to 167 children. It's not only the academic progress of the children that SAI is working on. In fact, they are also providing healthy food during their meal in the SAI Community of Learners Center. As well as, several training/seminars that contributes to the development of their personalities. In addition, SAI trained 144 teachers and more than 80 parents.

Very committed facilitators of learning, namely, Russell Angeles, Hazel Castillo, and Yves Barbasina are now working with the children in the learning center everyday. Parents from the community are the ones cleaning and maintaining the general upkeep of the center and cooking food for their children; and students from different universities tutor during the weekends. To date, SAI has 80 volunteers. Their acts of kindness and volunteerism have transformed and continue to transform the lives of the children and the rest of the community. From hearing stories of hopelessness to stories of possibilities and seeing disillusioned people move to becoming an empowered community how can one not be inspired to do more?
How are lives being affected by the project?

After the first quarter of the school year 2008 - 2009, SAI stakeholders are raising their own personal bars and creating breakthroughs in their schools and homes. Academically, most of them have shown improvement in math and science. These are students who used to consider themselves academically challenged but are now taking on their studies with gusto and enjoying the "game of learning".

Take the story of Kent Ian Vargas, who is now the top 2 in their class. This is his first time to achieve an academic award ever in his life. The same goes for Rowena Aguirre, top 4; Rochelle Garbo and Ma. Ferliz Bernales, both top 5; and Abrylle Timothy Faelangco, top 7. Lloyd, who used to flunk in math, is now one of the best students in their math class.

SAI has received positive feedback from the children's teachers that most of them are excelling both inside and outside of the classroom. They even commended the grade 1 and 2 students who are now considered advanced in math by at least 2 years.

But their academic achievements is only a part of the whole picture of their improvement. Recently, the children rendered two dance presentations in one of their school events. Children who used to be shy and timid are now taking center stage. Their principal, impressed by their dancing skills, have ask them to prepare another number for their December event.
Progress at home completes the whole picture with a mother sharing how her child transformed an old family practice. In the past, as food was being placed on their dinner table, everyone would simply dive into the meal. But one evening, before eating their supper, her daughter suddenly asked all of them to pray first before partaking of the food before them. She even volunteered to lead the prayer. Nowadays, they pray as a family first before enjoying their meal.

It is music to one's ears to hear of such stories of transformation even in the midst of the most difficult surroundings. These stories only show how potent children are in creating a future full of possibilities. As they continue to discover their limitless potentials, more and more breakthroughs for a better future will overcome our country... one drop at a time.
What are the future plans of the project?With your continued support, we intend to build 5 more Silid Aralan Community of Learners Centers in 5 different communities in the Philippines.
How can you continue to help?

1. Send any excess school supplies you have, i.e. pencils, pens, papers, notebooks, folders, envelopes, erasers, sharpeners, crayons, water colors, etc.

2. Send any books you have which are suitable for students up to age 16.

3. Be a volunteer facilitator or tutor on weekends.

4. Financially support our facilitators' salaries.

5. Donate cash to buy books and other school supplies.

6. Help build learning centers physically and financially.

7. Forward this great news to family and friends who may want to help and contribute. Sharing this story to someone else is already a great contribution.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!!

Happy Chinese New Year to all!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Review: The "Thank You Girls"

“Refreshingly Fabulous and Gay! Totally hilarious, comedy is written all over it added with heartwarming scenes that are not just purely to tickle your funny bones but also to awaken your social and cultural conscience..."

The “Thank You Girls” is a film about gay pageant life in Mindanao. The film narrates the story of 4 gays whojoin MG (Miss Gay) pageants for a living and to fulfill their dream, which is to become a “title holder”. Unfortunately, they alays end up the "thank you girls", pertaining to the line addressed to them as non-finalists by the pageant host after announcing the semifinalists.

The editing and cinematography are excellent. The lines of each character are definitely not a waste to watch! The Visayan language used in the film is definitely a good factor as the actors delivered their lines and acted naturally.

A good story combined with gayness and a little drama is surely a hit! The story surprised me with its father and son/daughter (hahaha) flavor that all of us can relate to– I did! And oh, the music! You won’t believe it but all songs used in the film are original and some were made specifically for the movies, all locally produced and recorded.
Congratulations Bebs (Editor, Writer, and Director – come on!) for this fantastic work of art. I have, and surely will and should recommend this movie to everyone, as in to all mankind!

Mikey and Direk Bebs!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Talented Jason Mraz

Birth Name : Jason Thomas Mraz
Birth Date : June 23, 1977
Birth Place : Mechanicsville, Virginia, USA

Well, what can I say... I find him very talented and his songs purely touches everyone who hear it. With lyrics and melody that will surely capture your emotion whether the song is for a pretty friend, being yours, a remedy, and even about the geek in the pink.
I hope you enjoy the music on the backround to prove that this guy, is definitely "Uber" Talented!

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Thank You Girls - Coming Very SOON!!!

This is it, this is Finally IT!
The Thank You Girls will now be showing on January 21-27, 2009 @ the Robinsons IndieSine!
After the long wait, the movie about five dysfunctional gay beauty pageant veterans, as the director Charliebebs S. Gohetia called them, is finally coming on the silver screen.
The teaser alone is funny and interesting and I really can't wait to see the movie! See you all there!